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sewed my own scrubs
 and made it out of cotton sateen, bad choice. holds in body heat.
this is the 2nd time I am altering it.
Any suggests or patterns for Plus size (4x to 5x) scrubs?

Tutorial from my blog!


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Skirt tutorial pasted from my blog!
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How many yards will I need?
Making things
How many yards of fabric will I need to make a very simple shift dress? Emphasis on the VERY simple, like so:

I'm making myself a halloween costume, I've never made a dress before, and I can't find a pattern in my size. My measurements are 55-50-60. Any tips you can pass along relevant to the super-sized plus n00b sewer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I made a dress! From scraps and not from scratch. This is actually a patchwork of 3 different outfits. Hand-sewn, by the way, since I'm scared of sewing machines. See, during my christening it was foretold that before my 16th birthday I will prick my finger on a spindle in a spinning wheel and fall into a deep slumber -- Oh wait, that's not me. 

I've worn it once and I was uncomfortable and paranoid the whole time. I felt like I was in perpetual danger of coming apart by the seams!


dolly cardton
doll pattern from 1974.

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those bows
 here is the standard way i make cloth bows! i did this a year or so back and had it posted, so for anyone on my friends list who's seen it, it's a repeat just so you know!

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also i would like for anyone who has suggestions for tags/topics of interest to you please put them in a comment with the subject *Tags :D thanks

bandana sewing with elastic band perhaps?
I can't make a decision. I have a bandana.  and tying a granny square knot gives me a headache. Can anyone suggest a different closure that expands and contracts? 

I was thinking a hair elastic band.  Folding each end into the hair elastic and then sewing each end shut. But   I think that is too much pressure on a small elastic band.

What about a 5/8 inch wide piece of black elastic? if I still have any?  White elastic? Firm? gentle/sleepwear?

Or should I just give it up and make a bag out of the bandana? *

* taken from  blog

Found free sewing patterns at this website... but no fishermen

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